Motion Control Marketing Commentary 003 – The Next Chapter

Motion Control Marketing – Writing The Next Chapter

Clearly companies have experienced difficult times. This is true of retail as well as business to business companies such as motion control component manufacturers. However, at times the hardest hit are the smaller companies. Usually, the smaller the company, the less diversity of products, and therefore smaller list of potential customers. When there is a slow down in the economy (or a recession if you prefer) the component manufacturers are the first to be affected. Why? Because as things start to indicate a softness consumers of components will put orders on hold and use up existing inventory.

What then is the smaller component manufacturer to do?

There are options. Some include:

1 – Use up existing material inventory.

2 – Reduce production hours

3 – Reduce overhead

4 – Cut R&D

5 – Cut out the company picnic

6 – Freeze salaries

7 – Declare bankruptcy

8 – Put a lock on the door

9 – Sell the business

10 – Make all salaried employees work overtime

11 – Ration paperclips


11 – Cut out the Advertising Budget

Companies have considered or taken some of these steps when things seem to be going south.

Please understand the above is “not” my list of recommended actions. These are steps I have seen taken, but I am not suggesting which steps if any are need to be taken or in what order.  To me step 11 – “rationing paperclips,” especially seems a little drastic. Some steps that could be or are taken have been left off the list as the real purpose of the list is to illustrate that smaller companies do have to take steps at times to deal with various conditions that impact their business.

However I am concerned about step – 11
To Illustrate –

Motion Control Marketing Book Illustration -1

The marketing strategy I follow is very simple and straight forward:


“The relationship between awareness and preference is strong. Instead of a one-to-one relationship between awareness and preference (often assumed), this research has shown that the relationship is more complicated.


  • First, a minimum threshold of awareness must be reached before a brand will begin to see a conversion to preference.


  • Second, as higher levels of awareness are reached, the conversion to preference comes more quickly.


  • Third, awareness (and therefore preference) will decay over time if awareness-building activities, such as advertising and/or technical news (e.g. Product Releases), are not conducted.”


Cut the Advertising Budget and Write the Next Chapter in Your Corporate History!


Motion Control Marketing Book Illustration 2
I saw these illustrations many years ago and added my commentary.
I wish I could tell you who deserves the credit for the illustrations.

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