Motion Control Marketing – Commentary 001 – “Level the Playing Field!”

Motion Control Marketing – Commentary 001 – Using the Internet to “Level the Playing Field!”

The small company with limited resources was clearly at a disadvantage when competing against a company that had the resources to run a two page, four page or even larger spread in a magazine or newspaper. But, no more! The internet has done more to level the playing field than any other form of marketing. In advertising, it is all about who has the most money to spend on advertising.

As long as some companies have unlimited resources the field will never really be level. However, the playing field can almost be level!

The Key to more Sales. From the time of the invention of the 1st mouse trap nothing has changed. You may very well be the producer of the world’s best mouse trap, But! If no one knows about your mouse trap, you will not sell any! To sell mouse traps, any other product, or a service it is necessary to:

1st Create an awareness.

2nd Create a preference.

3rd Continue to increase awareness and preference!

Marketing your product or service does not need to be expensive. But in order to grow you business you need to promote your product or service. For a small business in today’s economy, and for most business owners, time is probably as short as money. In just a few minutes, at ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION! I can show you how to use the internet to:

1st Create an awareness. Let people know you sell mouse traps!

2nd Create a preference for your mouse traps!

3rd Continue to increase awareness and preference for your mouse trap!

You have a Website? Great! Let me show you how to get the most out of it!

Call me today and make an appointment. I promise you will consider it time well spent!

Call – 1-760-749-4184

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