Motion Control Marketing Commentary 004 – High Quality Links

A Major Search Engine is quoted as saying:  “In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.”

What are High Quality Links?

This is:

a) A “Rhetorical” Question


b)  A Question, I also honestly would like to know the answer to.

Actually it is a little of both.

I truly believe links should ONLY come from sites that have a logical connection. e.g. an encoder mfg and a machinery intergrator.  Not an encoder mfg and a landscaper. If I am stepping on someones bunions, sorry. However, I believe, buying links from a “Link Farm, ” or exchanging links with unrelated sites is NOT what the search engines call or should be calling,  “High Quality Links”.

So I have to wonder how it is that sites that have thousands of links that includes: “landscapers, the local car dealers, link farms, unrelated business, and family friends get high marks with the search engines based on “Content”.

For example: If the manufacturer of very high frequency Alien outer space radio wave detectors has reciprocial links with a mom & pop yarn goods shop, I don’t see a connection.  Unless of course Mom & Pop are parents of the owner of the radio wave detector company, or Pop has a yard full of the latest  high gain antennas and his basement and his time when not helping in the shop is dedicated to communicating with Aliens.

In my “Motion Control Marketing Commentary 001,” I wrote about a level playing field.  I am disappointed  to see the playing field is not so level.

Maybe I am tooooooo “Old Fashioned” , an idealist, or just don’t like change.  I loved “The America’s Cup Races, until they went from sailboats built to rigid rules and it was a real test of skill and went to anything goes catamarans & tri-marans.  I like technology but for me and others, the true beauty of the race is gone!  Baseball in no different,  the designated batter, and steroids have ruined a wonderful game.  They might as well complete it’s demise.  Make the switch to Al bats.  Replace the “Crack”  with “Tink”, and it is over.

Link Farms and buying links …. by my perhaps outdated way of thinking are the equivalent of using steroids or designated hitters.

Amazing! Baseball writers apparently defended the honor of the game.  They did not cast the needed votes to inducted allegedly “Juiced” players into the Hall of Fame!  Maybe search engines will require webmasters to hold to a higher standard of what constitutes a quality link?


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