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Motion Control Marketing – Using photography to capture attention!

Until the world knows your company manufactures the world’s best “Mousetrap” you have very little chance of making a sale. Even is there is more than just a casual awareness of the fact that your company makes a “mousetrap,” more is needed to cause a prospect to purchase your company’s “Mousetrap.” Go to the local hardware store or big box store, and on the shelf, competing for a prospects attention, are any number of different brands and kinds of traps.

What would motivate a prospect to choose one mousetrap over another? The answer is really simple! What ever “Mousetrap” stands out from all the rest! It is said, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” What is the value of high quality animated roduct photography?

Use animated photography to created an increased awareness of your product!

PR Pickup for Client – Equipment Solutions

The October 2013 issue of Product Design & Development:

Equipment Solutions-PDD-PR-72


































Also the Equipment Solutions VCS10 has been published on these sites:

Qmed – Qualified Suppliers to the Medical Device Industry

Medical Design Technology





Motion Control Marketing Commentary 004 – High Quality Links

A Major Search Engine is quoted as saying:  “In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.”

What are High Quality Links?

This is:

a) A “Rhetorical” Question


b)  A Question, I also honestly would like to know the answer to.

Actually it is a little of both.

I truly believe links should ONLY come from sites that have a logical connection. e.g. an encoder mfg and a machinery intergrator.  Not an encoder mfg and a landscaper. If I am stepping on someones bunions, sorry. However, I believe, buying links from a “Link Farm, ” or exchanging links with unrelated sites is NOT what the search engines call or should be calling,  “High Quality Links”.

So I have to wonder how it is that sites that have thousands of links that includes: “landscapers, the local car dealers, link farms, unrelated business, and family friends get high marks with the search engines based on “Content”.

For example: If the manufacturer of very high frequency Alien outer space radio wave detectors has reciprocial links with a mom & pop yarn goods shop, I don’t see a connection.  Unless of course Mom & Pop are parents of the owner of the radio wave detector company, or Pop has a yard full of the latest  high gain antennas and his basement and his time when not helping in the shop is dedicated to communicating with Aliens.

In my “Motion Control Marketing Commentary 001,” I wrote about a level playing field.  I am disappointed  to see the playing field is not so level.

Maybe I am tooooooo “Old Fashioned” , an idealist, or just don’t like change.  I loved “The America’s Cup Races, until they went from sailboats built to rigid rules and it was a real test of skill and went to anything goes catamarans & tri-marans.  I like technology but for me and others, the true beauty of the race is gone!  Baseball in no different,  the designated batter, and steroids have ruined a wonderful game.  They might as well complete it’s demise.  Make the switch to Al bats.  Replace the “Crack”  with “Tink”, and it is over.

Link Farms and buying links …. by my perhaps outdated way of thinking are the equivalent of using steroids or designated hitters.

Amazing! Baseball writers apparently defended the honor of the game.  They did not cast the needed votes to inducted allegedly “Juiced” players into the Hall of Fame!  Maybe search engines will require webmasters to hold to a higher standard of what constitutes a quality link?


Want to Link free with true Motion Control sites?

Let’s discuss

Motion Control Marketing Commentary 003 – The Next Chapter

Motion Control Marketing – Writing The Next Chapter

Clearly companies have experienced difficult times. This is true of retail as well as business to business companies such as motion control component manufacturers. However, at times the hardest hit are the smaller companies. Usually, the smaller the company, the less diversity of products, and therefore smaller list of potential customers. When there is a slow down in the economy (or a recession if you prefer) the component manufacturers are the first to be affected. Why? Because as things start to indicate a softness consumers of components will put orders on hold and use up existing inventory.

What then is the smaller component manufacturer to do?

There are options. Some include:

1 – Use up existing material inventory.

2 – Reduce production hours

3 – Reduce overhead

4 – Cut R&D

5 – Cut out the company picnic

6 – Freeze salaries

7 – Declare bankruptcy

8 – Put a lock on the door

9 – Sell the business

10 – Make all salaried employees work overtime

11 – Ration paperclips


11 – Cut out the Advertising Budget

Companies have considered or taken some of these steps when things seem to be going south.

Please understand the above is “not” my list of recommended actions. These are steps I have seen taken, but I am not suggesting which steps if any are need to be taken or in what order.  To me step 11 – “rationing paperclips,” especially seems a little drastic. Some steps that could be or are taken have been left off the list as the real purpose of the list is to illustrate that smaller companies do have to take steps at times to deal with various conditions that impact their business.

However I am concerned about step – 11
To Illustrate –

Motion Control Marketing Book Illustration -1

The marketing strategy I follow is very simple and straight forward:


“The relationship between awareness and preference is strong. Instead of a one-to-one relationship between awareness and preference (often assumed), this research has shown that the relationship is more complicated.


  • First, a minimum threshold of awareness must be reached before a brand will begin to see a conversion to preference.


  • Second, as higher levels of awareness are reached, the conversion to preference comes more quickly.


  • Third, awareness (and therefore preference) will decay over time if awareness-building activities, such as advertising and/or technical news (e.g. Product Releases), are not conducted.”


Cut the Advertising Budget and Write the Next Chapter in Your Corporate History!


Motion Control Marketing Book Illustration 2
I saw these illustrations many years ago and added my commentary.
I wish I could tell you who deserves the credit for the illustrations.

If you know the author please Email Don Wismann at
and I will be happy to credit.

To create Awareness, Preference, and Sales at reasonable cost call  1-505-234-1182 or Email Don Wismann at

Motion Control Marketing – Commentary on Marketing 002 – “When Is the Best Time?”

Motion Control Marketing – Commentary – “When Is the Best Time to Run an Ad, Send out a Product Release, or Publish to a Blog?”

To start with, let’s look at the first part of the question, “When Is the Best Time to Run an Ad, or Send out a Product Release?”

The obvious or simple answer is:  When your message will appear on the desk or desktop of a prospect who is ready to make a purchase decision, and write the purchase order!

But, the answer is never that easy, or is it?

First let me say, from studies that have been made on purchasing decisions,  “There is no bad time!”

This has been especially true if you have a product for sale to American, Canadian, and/or Mexican Companies.  There is no problem now nor was there a problem in the past.

However, twenty years ago, perhaps even as recently as five years ago if you were offering your product for sale in a European country, I would suggest not doing anything during July and August.  Save your advertising dollars, as almost all of Europe seemed to go on vacation during those months.  However, conditions change, and with it the once cherished “6 Week Vacation!”

As European companies recognize the need to function in a global market place the need to keep the doors open longer, or not closing them at all for “6 Weeks”  is becoming the new business model.  So even for Europe, there does not seem to be a bad time any more.

But let’s get back to the question, “When is there a best time?”

There is no simple answer such as 2nd quarter or 3rd quarter.

Research by the Chaners Publishing Company showed that advertisers found only a 3.6% variation in response to their ads during an entire year when examined by quarters.

The Study examined 8,951,633 responses.

The results were by quarter:
January – March 26.1%
April – June 26.9%
July – September 23.7%
October – December 23.3%

Why the fluctuation? Why wasn’t the fluctuation greater?
Some of the interesting questions we will explore in later blog postings.

Simply, there is no “Best” time and this is important, there is no “Bad” time to run an Ad or send out a Product Release!  This is true especially if you have a new product!   Send out the Product Release as soon as the product is ready!  It will take 6 to 8 weeks or more depending on when a Editor reviews the release and what the cycle is for assembling the magazine by the publisher.  When the Product is ready send out the release!

Print Business to Business magazines have an important place in marketing.

Internet – Websites and Blogs

However, something else has also changed.  The Internet is now an important factor to be considered.  Most companies now have Websites and more and more companies now have a Blog.  Your company website can be in front of a prospect 24-7 365 days a year! (As long as the prospect knows you have a Website and/or a Blog.)

I love Blogs! Blogs are great.  Blogs are a wonderful forum for presenting Product Releases, White Papers, Application Notes, and company news.  Since you are the Editor, your whole Product Release can be published with a picture large enough to be seen.  White Papers help to establish a company as a leader.  Followers of companies go to blogs because they expect them to have the latest information, and now with smart phones and tablets that information is always available.   Designers and engineers don’t leave their work at the office.  If they have been struggling with a problem they are going to be looking for an answer.  In the evening, on the weekend, they are turning the problem oven in their mind.  Make sure they have the latest information available 24-7!   Blogs that high light capabilities get attention.

Print or Internet

Don’t think space advertising in B2B magazines is no longer  important!  Business to Business (B2B) magazines are still read, and relied upon for information.  Additionally most B2B magazines are available in print or on-line.  Many marketers view the print B2B magazines as a means to enhance the image of a company.

The internet is also important and perhaps because of lower cost is becoming the 1st choice of many companies (see “For Higher Sales Increase the Reach and Effectiveness of you Website!“)

Motion Control Marketing Websites to consider for advertising:

Have a comment or need help with an Ad, Product Release, Website, or Blog send an E-Mail and say, “We need help with promoting our products!”

Motion Control Marketing – Commentary 001 – “Level the Playing Field!”

Motion Control Marketing – Commentary 001 – Using the Internet to “Level the Playing Field!”

The small company with limited resources was clearly at a disadvantage when competing against a company that had the resources to run a two page, four page or even larger spread in a magazine or newspaper. But, no more! The internet has done more to level the playing field than any other form of marketing. In advertising, it is all about who has the most money to spend on advertising.

As long as some companies have unlimited resources the field will never really be level. However, the playing field can almost be level!

The Key to more Sales. From the time of the invention of the 1st mouse trap nothing has changed. You may very well be the producer of the world’s best mouse trap, But! If no one knows about your mouse trap, you will not sell any! To sell mouse traps, any other product, or a service it is necessary to:

1st Create an awareness.

2nd Create a preference.

3rd Continue to increase awareness and preference!

Marketing your product or service does not need to be expensive. But in order to grow you business you need to promote your product or service. For a small business in today’s economy, and for most business owners, time is probably as short as money. In just a few minutes, at ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION! I can show you how to use the internet to:

1st Create an awareness. Let people know you sell mouse traps!

2nd Create a preference for your mouse traps!

3rd Continue to increase awareness and preference for your mouse trap!

You have a Website? Great! Let me show you how to get the most out of it!

Call me today and make an appointment. I promise you will consider it time well spent!

Call – 1-760-749-4184

Motion Control Marketing Websites to consider for advertising:

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